Merry Meet!

Mystic Paths and other artisans handcraft the majority of products.





We personally use all our own handcrafted candles, incenses, oils,  herbs, and other products because we feel synthetic items do not aid our minds, bodies, and spirits. 

We offer a wide variety of uplifting products that nourish or celebrate the human spirit – candles, oils, jewelry, accessories, herbs, divination, and so much more! Feel free to browse our visionary resources for unique, natural, spiritual, and personal growth! 

Blessed Be and happy shopping!

Please allow up to three to four weeks for made-to-order items to ship so that we can prepare productis with the care they deserve.

If you cannot locate an item that you are searching for, contact us! We may be able to obtain it for you!

We also encourage those that are interested in wholesaling related products to contact us.  


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