Chakra Guide

There are 7 major Chakra centers of the physical body, where vital energy flows and intersects. Through our Chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. For optimal well-being chakra centers must be clear, balanced, and vitalized. Each chakra is associated with a particular area of the body and a color of the spectrum.  Stones are used at chakra centers for clearing, revitalizing, and healing.  Crystal wands are utilized to open the chakras.


Located at the base of the spine, prostate/para urethral gland
Planet: Saturn
Stability, grounding, physical energy, will, security, Earth, survival, physical needs, power, growth
Heals: back, feet, hips spine, legs
Black Obsidian, Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Jasper, Red Garnet, Hematite, Red Coral, Ruby, Ruby Aura Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Thulite, Tourmaline (Rubellite), Red Zircon (Zincite)​
Sacral/ 2nd 
Located below
​the navel (ovaries/gonads)
Planet: Mars
Creativity, healing, sexuality and reproduction, desire, emotion & emotional balance, intuition, passion, abundance, freedom, personal expression
Heals: sexual organs, bladder, bowel and lower intestine
Amber, Carnelian, Fire Opal, Golden Beryl (Heliodor), Orange Calcite, Sapphire, Peach Aventurine, Peach Moonstone, Sunstone, Blue-green Turquoise, Blue-green Fluorite
Located at navel
Planet: Sun
Intellect, ambition, personal power, protective, strength, sense of self-worth, self-confidence, laughter, humor, joy Heals: stomach, upper intestines, upper back, upper spine
Amber, Citrine, Golden Tiger Eye, Honey Calcite, Sunstone, Topaz, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Carnelian, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Sapphire
Located in the center of the chest
Green, Pink
Planet: Venus
Love, compassion, universal consciousness, emotional balance, unconditional love, emotions
Heals: heart, lungs, blood and circulation
Cuprite (balances heart chakra with root chakra), Emerald, Fluorite, Green Apatite, Green Calcite, Green Aventurine, Green Quartz, Jade, Malachite, Moss Agate, Peridot, Pink Calcite, Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline
Located at the neck above collar bone
Planet: Mercury
Communication, expression, divine guidance, truthfulness, expression of will power and creativity
​Heals: throat, thyroid, mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw
Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Tigers Eye, Blue Topaz, Blue Quartz, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Sodalite, Turquoise
Third Eye
Located in center of forehead or above eyebrows
Planet: Moon
Spiritual awareness, psychic power, intuition, light, wisdom, coordination, balance, mental clarity, psychic abilities, clairvoyance
Heals: pituitary gland, pineal gland, skull, eyes, brain, nervous system, the senses

Amethyst, Apatite, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, Purple Fluorite, Sapphire, Sodalite, Sugalite
Located at the top of the head
Planet: Jupiter 
Enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, energy, perfection, spirituality, life force energy, knowingness, higher self, ultimate wisdom
Heals: top of spinal cord, brain stem, pain center, nerves
Amethyst, Clear Calcite, Diamond, Clear quartz, Moonstone, Opal, Rainbow Moonstone, White Topaz


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