Color and Feng Shui Correspondences

Black:  Banishing, banishing negativity, absorbing negativity
Brown:  Stability, pets, grounding, strength
Blue:  Healing, patience, happiness, wisdom, psychic abilities, tranquility, changes
Gold: Solar magick, financial matters, prosperity, represents the Sun, Yang, and the God
Gray: Uncertainty, neutral, making choices, represents between light and dark
Green: Healing, money, wealth, fertility, jobs, growth, luck, abundance
Orange: Energy, courage, success, willpower, imagination
Pink: Romantic love, friendship, peace, compassion
Purple: Power, spirituality, meditation, magickal powers, deep healing
Red:  Energy, strength, passion, courage, protection, self-defense
Silver:  Female energy; represents the Moon, Yin, the Goddess
White: All purposes, peace, purity, protection
Yellow: Intellectual pursuits, confidence, travel, communication
Water:  Inspiration and creativity energy
Wood:  Communication energy
Fire:  Intimate and friendly energy
Metal: Intelligence & sharpness of mind energy, is associated with wealth
Earth: Nurturing and caring energy
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