Moon Phases

NEW MOON - From the day of the New Moon to 3 1/2 days after.  This is a time to focus on beauty, self-improvement, love and romance networking, removal of pain, banishing, and binding.  Think of the New Moon as your time.  Focus on yourself.

CRESCENT MOON - From 3 1/2 days after the New Moon through the 7th day.  This is a time for protection of animals and to bring about change, either with emotions or business affairs.  This is a phase of beginning and protection.

WAXING MOON/1st QUARTER - From 7 to 10 days after the New Moon.  This is a time to focus on an increase of courage, elemental magick, friends, luck, and motivation.  This phase is all about getting your butt (or broom) in gear.

​GIBBOUS MOON - 10 to 13 days after the New Moon.  This is a time for patience, growth, and harmony.

FULL MOON - 14 days after the New Moon.  We are still in an increase of the moon.  This means that from the new moon until now, spells are completed that will increase something.  This is the mother of all moons.  A time for great protection, fertility, creativity, healing, knowledge, romance, anything positive that you need to increase.

BLUE MOON - Blue moons enhance working involving communication and creativity (blue is the color of the throat chakra). Blue moon energy is also used for goal-setting.

WANING MOON/LAST QUARTER - 1 to 7 days after the Full Moon.  This is now a banishing time.  Spells are on a decreasing side.  Perform magick that involves addictions, divorce, health and healing (banishing diseases), stress, and protection.

DARK MOON - 11 to 14 days from the Full Moon.  Spells best performed at 10 a.m. Diminishing spells, removal, separation, justice, stopping criminals or anyone out to harm.  It is a dark moon for dark magick. 

Monthly Full Moon Names:
  • January - Wolf Moon
  • February - Snow Moon
  • March - Worm Moon
  • April - Pink Moon
  • May - Flower moon
  • June - Strawberry Moon
  • July - Buck Moon
  • August - Sturgeon Moon
  • September - Harvest Moon
  • October - Hunter's Moon
  • November - Beaver Moon
  • December - Cold Moon
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