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3 Wick Candles

3 Wick Candles

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Handcrafted by Mystic Paths using palm wax and essential oils (fragrance oils by request via necessity i.e. some food scents). Customize your candle by selecting the size, and specifying color(s), scent(s), and leave any notes you wish. 

Our palm wax is responsibly sourced and made from fully sustainable palm oil.

As with all handcrafted items, minor defects may occur. Handcrafted items may take up to 3-4 weeks due to preparation. Recycle your melted candle: Send in any excess wax over 2" and we will reform for free!

Palm oil, like soy, benefits the farmers who grow and harvest the palm leaves used in the production of the wax. Palm wax does not add the toxic carcinogens into the air as paraffin candles do, and are better for your entire family and pets. They burn with little or no soot that can transfer to the walls, furniture, or draperies in your homes. Palm and soy waxes are biodegradable and will clean up with soap and water. The candles hold more oil for a stronger smelling candle.   

Natural wax is attractive to animals. Keep away from pets. ​Palm wax leaves glowing shell as it burns. Do not break off this shell while burning. Always use a candle holder and follow burning instructions.

Learn more about palm wax and burning safety in our journal.

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